Tell your thoughts with your eyes

Eyetell is an app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. It allows people with need for alternative communication tools to write sentences within seconds only with the use of their eyes.

More than 200 million people globally live with disabilities. 25% can’t move or speak. Their relatives are finding it difficult to support or connect without proper communication tools.

Eyetell gives you a voice

Eyetell is a tool developed for people with physical challenges such as Cerebral Palsy, ALS or Spinal Cord Injuries. The tool provides everything needed for an easy and efficient communication. By running on a regular tablet, it is highly accessible and affordable without any compromise on delivering high quality eye tracking interaction.

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Eyetell charges the same as your Netflix subscription. No tiring granting process or rejections. All you need is a tablet.


Eyetell runs out of the box, without any cumbersome calibration or setup.


Eyetell works from anywhere in the world, with or without internet and up to 6 hours per charge. Download Eyetell from App Store or Google Play.  


Although everything works as soon as you open Eyetell, the app provides you with a wide range of options for configuration such as custom dictionary, activation time and much more.

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